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Fighting Grubs The Natural Way

Fighting Grubs The Natural Way

Grubs are one of the most pernicious little varmints in the entire garden. They can literally wipe out your yard and your garden. So how do you get rid of these things without poisoning the entire planet? Some ways are obviously going to work better than others, but here are some natural remedies for helping to control your grub population.

So where do these nasty creatures come from? The grubs are actually larvae that turn into beetles. They live in the ground and eat the roots of your plants. They will leave a signature ring of dead grass as they devour your lawn. And you guessed it…once these larvae mature into beetles they’ll begin eating your garden.

If you check with your local Agriculture Extension Office, they can tell what kind of grub you have and recommend the most effective pesticides to use in your area. If you don’t want to use pesticides, then you gave two choices. Let them eat your yard and move on…or go natural. These are some of the remedies known to have been effective in controlling grubs.

Chickens Eat Grubs!    

Chickens love the beetle larvae. They also wipe out the beetles that cause them. There are chicken tractors that anybody can get for their backyard. These are portable chicken houses on wheels. All you do is just move them around the lawn if you don’t want chickens just roaming around your yard.

This is my favorite of all of the methods talked about below since it is the most symbiotic. Grubs are a food source for your chickens and are a great solution to your grub problem. The chickens love them and the chickens fertilize the soil in return. Not to mention the fresh eggs you will harvest.

Chewing Tobacco and Beer Spray

An old non-chemical, homemade recipe is:

  • 1/4 cup chewing tobacco
  • 1 cup liquid dish soap
  • 1 12 oz beer any kind
  • 1 can of cheap soda

Mix together in a 5 gal bucket with water. This will feed and kill everything and will not hurt kids or animals just put into a sprayer and spray everything once a week all summer.

Cayenne Pepper Spray

Here’s another similar home brew that is a bit stronger as it cautions against spraying it directly on the plants leaves. I would add that if spraying on the soil to water it in after applying. This one doesn’t give a rate but probably in the fall and again in the spring would work best. You could probably use this one for self-defense as well.

  • Boil cayenne pepper, loose leaf tobacco, and garlic.
  • Puree it and strain it into a sprayer.
  • Mix with water in the sprayer.
  • Don’t get it on your plants leaves

Beer in a Saucer

Here are more home style remedies that include beer. Apparently these little grubs like to party and it can prove to be their downfall! I can’t see how this would be effective for a large population and dogs and cats might also like to partake if you are not able to keep them out of the garden.

  • Pour beer in small containers where they can get in there to drink and they will drowned it also works for slugs
  • Put pie plates around with beer. They crawl in and die happy.

Odd Grub Killing Tips

Use these at your own discretion. Some of these are beneficial in many ways such as diatomaceous earth which can also help with flea control. Ladybugs and other beneficial insects are always welcome in the garden whether they kill grubs or no. Other remedies presented are interesting and might just work under the right conditions. We share them with you for your information.

  • Diatomaceous earth
  •  Get some praying mantis and some lady bugs from your local regular nursery they will eat the beetles before they can lay eggs and get to the grub stage. They are user friendly and do not become pests.
  • Use them to go fishing…haha
  • A friend of mine said to use pennies before the year 1990. Yes I said pennies. Guess it has something to do with copper. Her relative lives up north and is a horticulturist. Worth a try!
  • Spreading wood ashes
  • Dried molasses with some red pepper flakes.
  • You can use Milky Spore will not hurt plants. It’s pricy but it continues to work and multiply.
  • You can also use something called Neem Oil. Dilute with a little water. This won’t hurt your plants either.
  • Tide powder laundry detergent on the lawn Now!! Water in well!
  • Get Lime and broad-cast it over your lawn and garden. Not too heavy as it will burn the grass. Do it before a rain so that it seeps into the earth. Do this a couple of times throughout the year.
  • Epsom salt helps because it dries them up

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